Happyfeed Plus FAQ

We built Plus to provide additional features for people who really love Happyfeed and want to get a little more out of our app. With Plus, you’ll get access to new premium features like our interactive Happy Calendar. You can think of it like this: Happyfeed is a place to focus on positive moments in your life 🌸, and Plus makes those moments even more accessible - like a tiny, interactive journal 📓.

What comes with my subscription?

Happyfeed Plus extends the standard functionality of Happyfeed. All of the features are designed to enable you to get more out of the app, but the free version will always be what we consider a “full” experience. Here’s a quick chart to explain:




Total days



Moments per day



Missed days you can fill


4 via uploader, unlimited via calendar

Edit past moments

Within 3 days


Photos per moment



Video length

3 seconds

10 seconds (iOS only**)

Happy Calendar

PDF & CSV Exports

Offline Mode

✅ (iOS only)

Moment Search

✅ (iOS only)

*Days will still be 'completed' after 3 moments, the extras are optional ✨
**Please note we are still in the process of adding Android features

What's the Happy Calendar?

The Calendar is a new way to explore your past moments on Happyfeed. Our goal was to build something a little more intuitive and feature-rich than your typical scrolling list.

  • Select any day to view, edit, or even add new moments 👉
  • Quickly review your month with randomly selected photos from your moments 🖼
  • View all your moments on an interactive map with markers labeled by the date posted 🗺
  • Mark your best days with an emoji ⛵️
  • Tap the month name to skip to any month and year with a date selector 📆

As we improve the app, we’ll improve the calendar as well. If you get a chance to try it out, please send us your thoughts at [email protected]

Happyfeed calendar preview on iPhone

Why should I upgrade to Plus?

If you’ve ever scrolled through your past moments, you know how much joy seeing your past moments can bring. Our Plus features (like the calendar & export) offer deeper ways to explore and interact with Happyfeed. You’ll learn more about yourself and more about what really makes you happy.

With subscriptions, we are able to focus on building something you love and avoid distractions - like advertisements and paid content 😤. We don’t want to be another Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. We believe Happyfeed is best when it’s ad-free and completely personal.

How much does it cost?

Plus is available for purchase in-app for $3.99/month or $39.99/year (USD). That’s about $0.13 a day, not a bad deal if you ask us 😄

I'd rather spend my money on experiences...

The free version of Happyfeed isn’t going anywhere! We’ll continue to improve it just like we always have. You should spend your money on what makes you happiest - sign up for surfing lessons 🏄‍♀️, take that online design course 🎨, or plan a trip with friends and family 🏕. We’ll be here to record your moments when you finish.

Where does my money go?

Think of it as an investment - your subscription helps us create new features (like place tagging 📍, printed memory books 📓, and video upload 🎬) and improve security and performance. We believe Happyfeed is a life-long service, and we fully expect to be scrolling through our past moments in 40 years. We can’t wait to build that future 🚀

Can I try it out first?

Yes! Plus comes with a free 1-week trial so you can try out all the features. Half the fun of the new calendar is how interactive it is. We hope that after a few minutes of zooming through the map and swiping between months, you’ll be hooked 😍. You have nothing to lose!

What if I stop my subscription?

You’ll still be able to upload happy moments and access all your past entries. You won’t lose access to any of your data or extra posts, you just won’t be able to enjoy the fun features in Plus. Remember, all subscriptions are managed through your iTunes Subscriptions, but we are happy to help point you in the right direction.

And of course, what about privacy?

We take all the expected steps to ensure your data is completely private (🔒 SSL encryption, access limits on data, etc.), and we plan to add more controls as we grow. If you have any specific questions please drop us a message at [email protected]