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Track your life progress by recording daily photos and short notes. Build a simple habit that will grow into a meaningful log of your best memories each day. Happyfeed is a positive way to track your days.

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Free day tracker app!

Try our simple day tracker app – available on all devices including iPhone, iPad, Android, and web. Keep track of your personal growth by building a habit of daily reflection by saving thoughts and photos to summarize the highlights of your life. Happyfeed encourages you to focus on positive moments and gratitude so that you’ll create a history of your days that’s actually a joy to look back on. Locations, photos, and emoji tags make Happyfeed a simple but powerful day tracker!

How to keep a Day Tracker

Write a line

Write one line a day

Record a short post each day from something that went well. You’ll have the option to add photos and additional memories if you like too. For your best days, you can tag that day with an emoji as well to make it easier to find.

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Enjoy daily memories

Every day the app will surface memories from that day in your past. These throwbacks range from one week ago to many years depending on how long you’ve been journaling. You’ll love seeing how your life has changed over time.

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Stay motivated with streaks

Set a goal, from one to three memories each day, and track your progress with streaks. You can opt to turn off streaks too and shift the focus to your total completed days. It’s meant to help your mental health, not stress you out!

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Keep a Day Log

Our interface is build to be a flexible way to record little memories from each day. Upload images, write notes, and optionally add your location to posts. We started as a gratitude journal because of the research backing the effectiveness of the habit, but quickly realized that Happyfeed could be used for any kind of journaling or day tracking. If you’re the type to buy physical notebooks and struggle to fill them out, Happyfeed is built for you. Jotting down a few words or emojis at the end of the day is enough to get started!

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Track Personal Growth

Discover patterns by reflecting on your memories as time passes. By keeping a day tracker, you’ll accumulate dozens of memories and photos every month. Use the Joy Recaps to create a shuffled grid of photos from each month and see you top emoji. Additionally, the Happiness Jar provides a way to view random memories and the daily memories feature surfaces throwbacks each day right on your home screen. We’re always trying to invent new ways to connect you with your growing catalogue of personal reflections.

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Private Daily Diary App

Create a personal diary of moments and memories from every day of your life. Happyfeed is a private alternative to posting your daily highlights on social media. You’ll be able to access your Happyfeed account on any device from iPad to Android and Plus members have the ability to export their entire diary as a CSV or PDF file. This gives you 100% control over your memories. Add a little extra security by configuring a lock screen for your account. Each time you open the app, you’ll be prompted to enter your code, Face ID, or Touch ID.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Day Tracker?

A day tracker is a simple way to record significant parts of your life every day. It can be a way to track a specific habit, a way to remember little details, or just a way to reflect at the end of each day. Over time, you’ll notice patterns and discover ways to improve your habits or make positive changes to your life.

What information can I track each day?

We believe simple is best. You can record short (tweet-length) written notes each day with attached photos. Upload up to three moments each day or ten if you try out our Plus subscription. You can also opt to automatically add location info to each of your posts from your device GPS or photo metadata.

Why should I keep a day log?

Life is filled with little details that are easy to overlook and forget. Fall into a pattern and days can quickly turn to years. Daily reflection can help you notice and appreciate the ways like shifts and changes, plus you’ll have a searchable log of your entire life. On top of that, savoring your best days as they happen will help you appreciate more of the journey. It’s hard to notice personal growth unless you try to measure it!

How can I get started?

Happyfeed is available for free for iOS, Android, and Web. Simply download the app and you’ll be able to start tracking your memories - up to 3 every day for as long as you’d like! Our main goal is to make recording daily memories a super simple habit. Happyfeed is designed to provide a positive space for journaling.

Daily diary versus social media

People often post things on social media for others and not themselves. Happyfeed encourages you to post for yourself without having to worry what your parents or crush will think about it. Quick selfies, food pics, and random photos from your day are all welcome.

What options do I have to share?

Happyfeed is built to be private-first but we provide plenty of options to share. Besides having an incredibly screenshot-able interface, you can use our share menu to send text and photos over SMS, iMessage, or any social platform. There’s also a group sharing feature, called Pods, where you can create a group to post your favorite memories – with emoji reactions and commenting.

Can I save my day tracker?

Yes! Plus subscribers on iOS and Android have the option to create an export of their journal either as a CSV (spreadsheet) or printable PDF file. The latter is perfect for creating your own printable version of your memories and we plan to build more printing options in the future.

More than a Day Tracker App

From personal growth to keeping a daily diary, Happyfeed is a simple app with countless applications. Even though it started out as a gratitude journal, our main focus has always been making the habit as easy to start and maintain as possible. As such, we ended up building an incredibly useful day tracker app with easy photo uploading and delightful ways to connect with past posts.

We encourage positivity but it’s up to you to write and track whatever is most meaningful to you.

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