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Create a daily journaling habit by saving photos and short, personal memories every day. Happyfeed makes photo journaling a joy.

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Try our daily photo journaling app - available on all your devices including iPhone, Android, and web. Keep track of your life by recording daily memories with photos to remember the moments that matter most to you. Happyfeed encourages positive moments and gratitude, so you'll enjoy looking back at everything you save in your journal. Think of it like a photo diary with only your best moments! You can even share entries directly with friends or in private groups.

How to Keep a Photo Journal


Press the photo button

To add a photo to your journal entries, select the ‘Photo’ button on the new moment screen. It’s completely optional if you prefer to write a note instead. Remember you can record three separate moments each day.


Select your photos

You’ll be prompted to select photos from your library or take a new one with your camera. Simply pick the photos that best represent your day and you’ll be all set.


Save, Cherish, Share!

Hit ‘Save’ to create your memory with the selected photos and message. You can use the ‘Share’ option to send the photo to close friends or post it on social media. Send it as a plain photo or unique link with your attached note.


Daily Photo Memories

Record one photo every day to create a journal with all your favorite memories. Our app encourages positivity and focuses on ways to explore past memories like daily throwbacks of moments from weeks, months, or years ago. Additionally, the Happiness Jar allows you to shuffle through random photos and posts. These tools ensure that each day when you open Happyfeed, you’ll see new memories from your journal!


Share with Friends & Family

Create or join private groups in Happyfeed to share select memories with those you care about. These groups, Pods, allow you to send simple emoji reactions and It’s the perfect blend of completely private journal and optional sharing for those extra special memories. You can even join a group of random strangers to enjoy a fresh perspective.


Keep a Private Photo Diary

Happyfeed is meant to be a life-long journal. We believe that personal reflection is the best way to learn more about yourself and appreciate life. To ensure that your memories are kept safe and personal, the app has an optional lock screen, secure backup in the cloud, and follows best practices to ensure you never lose your journal.


Frequently Asked Questions

Photo Journal

Exactly! We built the simplest photo journal you’ll ever find for iOS and Android. Download today to start saving all the best photos from your days in one wonderful place.

Can I add a new photo with my camera?

Of course! You can select the ‘Camera’ option to add photos directly from your phone camera into Happyfeed. When you add a new photo in this way, the app will also store that photo in a new ‘Happyfeed’ album on your device. (Permissions required.)

How many photos can I add every day?

You can choose to enter one to three moments each day on Happyfeed. Each moment has one photo, which means 3 per day. It might not seem like a lot but the idea is quality over quantity - limitations can be great for creativity.

Upgrade to Plus on iOS to record up to 10 posts each day and add more than one photo to each post - up to four. That’s potentially 40 photos a day!

Can I edit photos in the app?

It depends: since our iOS app links with photos from Photo Library, it’s recommended that you make any changes to photos before uploading. This helps make the app lightning fast! For Android, you can go to your settings and toggle ‘Photo editing enabled’ on to allow for cropping in-app.

What options do you have to share?

You can tap a moment to select share options on both iOS and Android. These can include sharing to social networks, saving a screenshot, downloading the photo, or just sending it as a direct message to a friend. If you've joined a Pod, you can share any moment in with your groups as well!

On our iOS app, you can press the ‘Layout’ button to change the layout of the photo and text to explore new options to share your content including a square Instagram-like crop.

Can I print my photo journal?

Plus subscribers on both iOS and Android have the option to create an export of their journal either as a CSV (spreadsheet) or printable PDF file. The latter is perfect for creating your own printable version of your memories and we plan to build more printing options in the future.

What devices are supported?

Happyfeed stores your journal between any devices with simple cloud storage. Our apps are available on iOS, Android, and even Web. You can rest assured that your journal will work perfectly no matter what device you choose to use.

More than a Photo Journal App

From gratitude to shared journaling, Happyfeed was built to do so much more than recording photos each day. You can join groups to share with friends, look at monthly reviews of your journal, and enjoy all sorts of positive messaging and reminders in the app.

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