Building Happiness

A collection of stories, stumbles, and successes from building an app that attempts to actually make you a happier person.

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Product Updates: December 2021

Improving our updates to photo storage, intelligent streak repair, and encouraging more activity in your Random Pods.

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Private Instagram Alternative

How a group photo sharing app based on journaling can be used as a private social network

November 2021 text over a photo of cherry pie

Product Updates: November 2021

Smarter photo storage, daily goals on Android, an Apple Watch app, and some smarter ways to handle content in Random Pods. November was busy!


Apple Watch Journal

Explore your happy memories with the new Happyfeed Apple Watch app. Shuffle through your Happiness Jar or tag the current day before reflecting more in-depth.


Product Updates: October 2021

Focusing on the fundamentals by improving the photo experience in Happyfeed and ensuring the app looks great on any device.


Product Updates: September 2021

An overview of updates made to our apps over the past month, including new layouts options and a mood picker

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Spread Happiness with Share Links

Create a secret URL for your memories on Happyfeed to make them easier to share with friends and other social platforms like Facebook or Twitter.


What is Toxic Positivity?

Learn how our never-ending search for happiness and a "good vibes only" culture can be harmful, and explore ways to seek out healthy positivity.

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Send Your Stress Packing with These 6 Simple Tips

Cultivating positivity can be difficult, especially in times of stress, but there are simple things you can do to put yourself in a more positive mindset.

Joy Recaps illustration

Monthly Joy Recaps

Introducing a way to create a snapshot of your memories from past months in the Happyfeed app.

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Dark Mode Journaling

Introducing full support for iOS Dark Mode to make it easier to journal in the evening and reduce the strain on your eyes.


Pods: Shared Gratitude

Reintroducing Pods as a new way to share your journaling progress and happy moments with friends

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Pods: Journaling Together

Small, private groups to share progress and help build your journaling habit.


Spots & Location Updates

A new way to update and manage the locations of your memories in Happyfeed with unique Spots.


Journal Exports

Finally, an option to download your journal and truly make it yours.


Feeling Thankful

A new way to spread gratitude by sending thanks to your friends.


Offline Mode

Reworking our app so you can use it anywhere, really.


Happiness Jar

Introducing a novel way to explore your past memories and spark a little joy everyday.


Introducing Happyfeed 2.0

One of our biggest updates and redesigns since launching in 2013


Breaking the Streak

Why we stopped counting days in a row and started focusing on the big picture.