Our Story


Happyfeed was originally designed & built by Matt Kandler. While co-founding another startup, Matt got hooked on positive psychology to help counter the stress of running a company. One of the most common mood-boosting practices is called '3 gratitudes.' This is the act of recording and reflecting on three positive moments (or things you are grateful for) each night. In recent years, gratitude journals have become pretty popular, but we found a few problems.

  • Notebooks get lost, filled up, ruined in the wash, dropped in the mud, eaten by your dog, or read by your roommate. Why not use your phone? It's secure, can save to the cloud, and makes it easy to add locations and images.
  • Forming a new habit is tough, especially with barriers like finding your misplaced notebook, searching for a Google doc, or opening Microsoft Word on your ancient computer. Most people fall asleep with their phone on inches away (another big problem).
  • Looking through old journals is a wonderful experience, but how often do we actually do this? With an app, we can easily surface the past moments that really mattered.

Making an iPhone app made perfect sense. It turned out that a lot of other people loved this idea too. We love thinking about all the ways people are finding a more positive outlook with Happyfeed.


Our core team has a strong background of product design and engineering and it’s important that we create the best app we possibly can. We improve performance, build new features, and rethink how we do things often.

Many other gratitude apps care more about creating communities and sharing content. We love community, but prefer to differentiate by playing to our strengths.

Our goal is to create build something that stays with you for as long as you’d like to find more happiness. We get excited about finding new ways to bring positive psychology research into simple, delightful experience in our little app.

Get Involved

Let's spread happiness together.

Happyfeed is still a young product, but we are thrilled to have some very passionate users. More people helping out means more happiness. That could mean adding delightful features, keeping our community connected, or just using the product and telling your friends.

To get involved send us a message.

Or we encourage you to try our the Plus version too 😄

Contact Us

We'd love to hear from you.

To get in contact with us for any reason (feedback, issues, high-fives), send us a brief message at hello@happyfeed.co.

We'd love to hear from you! Every little detail matters, so please don't hesitate to reach out.