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Reflect on your best photo memories every day and share photos with groups of close friends and family. It’s the perfect combination of private reflection and intentional sharing.

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Free group photo sharing app!

Try our group photo sharing app - available on all your devices including iPhone, Android, and web. Create a daily habit of posting pictures from your device camera roll. Happyfeed is focused on gratitude and highlighting the positive moments that you may have otherwise overlooked. It’s like photo sharing for only the best moments in your life! Unlike over apps, you’ll be able choose which pictures are private and which you’d like to share with groups.

Our Guide to Group Photo Sharing

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Upload your favorite photo memories

Each day you’ll be prompted to upload a photo memory from the day with a short reflection. Tap ‘Add a photo’ to select photos from your camera roll or take a new one. Each day, add up to 10 posts and multiple photos. You’ll can even track your streak over time.

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Select photos to share with your groups

Follow friends and create groups to share your photo memories with. When you upload or edit a post, select groups to share with friends. Simply toggle the group and your friends will see your shared photos. You can even join a random group to make new friends!

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Send emojis and comments to your friends

Photo sharing should be fun so our app allows you to send emoji reactions and comments to your groups. Send short messages to turn each shared photo into chat thread! Tap the reaction button to shuffle through emojis or comment to share your thoughts.

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Photo Memories App

Easily create photo memories with our simple uploader. Select recent photos from your photo library or take a new picture from your phone camera. Add a short comment or reflection to make it into a story. With our calendar feature and daily throwbacks, your photo memories won’t get lost in your camera roll. Everyday you’ll see your memories from exactly one week, month, year, or many years ago, depending on how long you’ve been adding photos.

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Group Photo Sharing

Create or join a group, called a Pod, to send photos to friends and family. All your photos are private by default and sharing is meant for just the ones you really want others to see. Toggle the groups you’d like to share with and members of those groups will be able to send you fun emoji reactions and comments on your memory. Think of it like a mini social network: picture sharing has never been easier! On top of that, you can follow your best friends directly and see any moments that they select to share with all their followers.

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Shared Photos

Shared photos in Happyfeed are much more than just another shared photo album. Each photo is attached to a memory and a description of what made that moment special. Comments and reactions can turn each of your shared photos into a meaningful conversation. It’s perfect for family photo sharing or sending pictures to your friends! You can also share outside of Happyfeed with unique share links and easy social media post creation for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Frequently Asked Questions

Photo Sharing

That’s us! Happyfeed provides an alternative to overwhelming social platforms and overly simple shared albums. We like to think of it as the sweet spot for creating meaningful connections and having a lot of fun with your friends, family, partners, co-workers, or even a new pal. Post your puppy, your baby, your vacation, or whatever feels true to you - these are real connections!

How does it work for family photo sharing?

You can easily create a group, called a Pod, with any number of people. Navigate to the Pods tab in the app and press the ‘+’ icon in the top-left corner to make a new Pod and send the invite to family as a link. The app is available on iOS and Android so no one in the family will miss out.

How is this different from a shared photo album?

We’re glad you asked! Happyfeed is much more like a mini social network focused on photos. Comment, send reactions, and foster a positive conversation around all the wonderful memories you share.

Can I edit my photos?

It depends: since our iOS app links with photos from Photo Library, it’s recommended that you make any crops or changes to photos before uploading. This helps make the app lightning fast! For Android, you can go to your settings and toggle ‘Photo editing enabled’ on to allow for cropping within the app.

Can I share with my partner?

Couples are some of the most active members of Happyfeed. Create a two-person group with your partner and you’ll be able to send photos and notes of appreciation throughout the week. There’s significant evidence that boosting the percentage of positive interactions in a relationship can help grow your bond. It’s also just fun to see photos from their day!

How else can I share photos?

So many ways! We designed the app to be very, very screenshot-able (that’s a word, right?) and your moments have a normal share button that will show you options to post your photos on various social media platforms, iMessage, or SMS. You’ll also be able to create a unique shareable link to create a URL with your memory to be it especially sharable.

What devices are supported?

Happyfeed saves your journal between all types of devices with simple cloud storage. Our app is available on iOS, Android, and even Web. Rest assured that your journal will work perfectly no matter what device you choose to use!

More than a Photo Sharing App

From sharing pictures to daily gratitude, Happyfeed was designed to help you create a daily habit and become a happier, more mindful person. We’ve created a unique, private social experience that fills a growing gap in the world of photo sharing apps. Huge social platforms are overwhelming and basic shared photo albums don’t foster meaningful connections. Whether it’s with family, friends, or your partner, we think you’ll find that sharing photos on Happyfeed can have a positive impact on your life.

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