Happyfeed was founded by me, Matt Kandler, as a way to find more happiness during a particularly difficult period of my life. I first started gratitude journaling in a Google Doc appropriately named "Gratitude" after reading about the benefits. As a designer and recent graduate from Stanford University, I wanted something simpler, easier-to-use, and always accessible. I'd never built an app, so I decided to take an online course while sketching out early designs for what would become Happyfeed.

Our mission is to make it unbelievably simple and fun to build a new healthy habit. Positive psychology research has found strong evidence to support the practice of gratitude journaling. Each new feature is intended to add even more joy - like custom reminders, a "Happiness Jar," Pods for social support, and daily throwbacks.

If you'd like to hear more about Happyfeed, please reach out to me (Matt) directly at and I'd be glad to share more details about my story and goals 😄

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