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October 5, 2018


One of the best results of gratitude journaling is the creation of the journal itself. The process of looking back on your old memories and moments can bring you just as many (if not more) happy vibes than the simple process of recording those moments.

We've made several updates over the past year to make exploring past memories easier and a bit more fun:

  • Adding in the Magic Calendar for Plus subscribers
  • Improving our Memories feature to show text samples and image previews
  • Infinite scroll and layout changes to the history page

But what if you just want to view some random past moments?

Introducing The Happiness Jar

I was first introduced to the idea of a happiness jar when I read this blog post. There are a few different ways to use a happiness jar but the concept is simple: a physical jar that you fill with happy memories that you can pull out at random. Sort of like a cookie jar with happy thoughts instead of carbs. When life gets you down, the jar is there to cheer you up! 😊

Sort of like a cookie jar with happy thoughts instead of carbs.

There are a few key differences between the way a happiness jar and a gratitude journal work and the ways they can bring you joy.

  • Happiness jars favor randomness over organization
  • You can add memories to a happiness jar as often (or not often) as you like
  • A focus on writing things that'll be sure to cheer you up in the future

Of course, we thought the Happiness Jar was another perfect practice to try and digitize 🤓

Our Happiness Jar

It's pretty easy to make a Happiness Jar when you already have (in some cases) hundreds of days of happy moments. So we found an empty corner of Happyfeed and added in our own Happiness Jar.


If you open up the history view in Happyfeed (middle icon in the bottom navigation bar) you'll see a little jar icon at the top left of the screen. Viewing your happiness jar is an simple as tapping that icon. Here's what we love about it:

  • 💎 Discovering hidden gems - The jar is completely random, so you're just as likely to see your first day as yesterday.
  • ✨ Even more happiness - You aren't limited to how long you're willing to scroll now. Whenever you need a happy boost, your happiness jar is the perfect solution.

Note: New users will not see the Happiness Jar until they've had Happyfeed for 2 weeks. We just thought it was too boring when you only have a few days to randomly choose from.

Shake it up

We think the "shake" gesture is totally underrated on your iPhone! So if you want to open up the Happiness Jar, you can also give your phone a shake on your history page. You can shake it again to see a random day. How you shake is up to you, but we definitely wouldn't discourage any full-body shakes to get yourself moving a bit 🕺.

Looking forward

Everytime we build a new feature we can't help but immediately think how we could improve it. Wouldn't it be interesting to see where you were on these random days? How might we make this something you could share with the people who were part of that memory?

We won't spoil any surprises just yet 😏

Big Picture

So why did we build the happiness jar? It fits perfectly with the ethos of what we want Happyfeed to be: a place to escape social media and get to know yourself better. There’s a lot of power in learning what makes you happy and what made you happy in the past. Memories are so important in teaching us where we're going next. If nothing else, maybe you’ll see a photo that floods your brain with positive emotions.

"Happyfeed grows with you"

We like to say that “Happyfeed grows with you,” and that feels even more true with this new feature. More moments means more days to choose from in your jar. The more you use Happyfeed, the more likely you are to pull up a day you completely forgot about.

Next time you’re feeling burned out on social media, give the happiness jar a shake!

Mini smileyMini smileyMini smiley

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