Pods: Journaling Together

Small, private groups to share progress and help build your journaling habit.

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Journaling is a very private act by nature, and it should be. Knowing your thoughts are just for you allows you to be more open with yourself and able to reflect on your day without judgement. But journaling doesn’t have to be something you do alone. As we know from running, yoga, and book clubs, starting a habit is easier with support. So we’re excited to announce Pods, a totally new way to find support and motivation while you journal with Happyfeed.

You could think of it as “Fitbit for Gratitude.”

Journaling doesn’t have to be something you do alone.

(Update March 7, 2020: We've released Pods on Android as well! Some features may still be in development, but we'll get to them ASAP 😄)

What’s a Pod?

Pods are small, private groups where you can share your journaling progress on Happyfeed. When you join a Pod, you agree to make your total number of completed days and current streak viewable by that group. It’s a simple way to keep each other on track and share your accomplishments. Sometimes a little nudge can help a friend through tough times!

Moments themselves are still 100% private and always will be.


So why might you start a Pod? Personally, I’m just trying to get my family more into journaling but maybe you...

  • 👫 Would like to encourage a friend to try gratitude journaling
  • 🤗 Have a support group already using Happyfeed
  • 👵🏽Think your family could benefit from a little gratitude
  • 🧘‍♀️ Want to start a workplace wellness challenge
  • ❓ Have something else in mind! (Please email us if so, we’d love to know)

How do I join a Pod?

  1. Create or join a Pod with a name and emoji
  2. Invite friends by sending them a 6-digit code
  3. Share completed days and streaks with Pod members
  4. Just keep using Happyfeed as you normally would
  5. Send reactions for accomplishments by tapping on them


Why Pods?

We noticed that many people like to share their streaks and total days on Happyfeed. Sometimes it’s a way to share a milestone (“100 days of journaling 🎉”) or just a fun way to tell friends about the app (“2 weeks of journaling, join me 😄”). Some groups have even been sharing and liking each other’s progress on Twitter. So, naturally, we wanted to explore ways to do this right inside the Happyfeed app.

The idea is also inspired by exercise apps like Fitbit or Strava. I'm an off-and-on runner and it's always easier to get started again with a little social pressure. Seeing that my friends are also out running is a huge motivator - there's an unexpected sense of comradery from just sending "kudos" to friends in an app. Why should social support be limited to exercise apps?

Why should social support be limited to exercise apps?


Pods are an experiment! They will evolve and grow as we get feedback and understand how they can be most useful.

You can send us feedback anytime at [email protected].

November 26, 2019

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